April 5, 2010

We will spend the summer in Sweden, but the plan is not all clear. Our beautiful house/flat in Järla sjö is now available for lease again. If we don’t find anyone before we come home it is very tempting to spend some weeks there. But on the whole, it would be much better if we could find a new tenant as soon as possible.

Den som söker fint boende med sjöutsikt i närförort till Stockholm får gärna gå in på www.bostaddirekt.se och kolla in parhuset på bryggan. Det handlar om ett år, men både längre eller kortare tid kan diskuteras.

Our present tenants sold their apartment to the Swedish crime writer Marie Jungstedt and needed somewhere to stay while they looked for something new. Now they have found it, but I don’t know what literary merits the seller of their house has… 😉