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Storymoja Hay Festival

Evenemang/Events Posted on 04 Oct, 2010 23:13

My first presentation to the Kenyan public went reasonably well. An interested audience and a professional moderator made it a nice experience. However, the mix of authors on stage was not quite what it was set out to be. It was great to meet John Kiriamiti and hear something about the magnificent story of his life, a reformed bank robber who smuggled out his fist manuscript page by page from prison. Unfortunately, the other two African writers could not make it. This meant surprisingly enough a certain dominance for us Scandinavian writers, which was not intended.

With that said, it was a true pleasure to meet KO Dahl. We obviously have many similarities in how we approach the idea of a story and without having read any of his books yet I suspect that we have much in common as crime writers.

I was definitely the junior on the panel, not only in years, but also in the number of books published. Kiriatmiti has written five books and KO Dahl fifteen!!

I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of KO Dahl’s “The last fix”, one of four books that he has had published in English. As I’m sure you know, my first is still to come…

With that said, I now have received an excellent sample translation of forty pages from Shadowplay by Neil Betteridge. It will facilitate the work of my agents, which is the prime objective, but it also meant that I could offer at least something to the Kenyan public at the festival.

Now I am seriously getting into writing mode again. It is absolutely necessary.


Evenemang/Events Posted on 27 Sep, 2010 14:44

Det är lätt att konstatera efter en snabbkoll på Facebook att Bok-Sverige befinner sig i ett utmattat tillstånd idag. Det är inte underligt efter en sådan mässa.

Det var tempo, mingel, presentationer, galna upptåg, djupa samtal, Mojje på gitarr, middag med agenter och författarkollegor, barhäng på Park, rullväska genom Göteborg, intervjuer, möten IRL, felplacerad monter, rättplacerad monter, signering avslutad i förtid på grund av slutsålda böcker, Nesser om kontraktet med Gud, Gyllander om att vara stjärna i Danmark, världens längsta kö gånger två för att köpa en curry i papper, Micke Fant på Incontro, Persson Giolito i ett moln av rök, Forss & Ernestam – mina egna drama queens, svårartad sömnbrist, Winkler över en jazzskiva, Christer Hermansson utan keps, tågresa in style, bussresa utan ände och en massa annat som jag inte ens kommer ihåg.

Nu ska jag skriva.

Presentation in Nairobi

Evenemang/Events Posted on 30 Aug, 2010 14:44

April 16, 2010

I had a great time presenting myself and my books at the Swedish Association of Kenya the day before yesterday.

A crowd of fellow country men listened and had many questions for me. There were some already readers who were keen to hear more about the new book, but also several who now made their first acquaintance with my writing.

I was pleased to sign my first book both in the Swedish and German editions.

A part of the proceeds went to projects here in Kenya supported by the Swedish Association and that made the whole evening even more worth its while.